Landlord Guide

Is Your Property Ready for the Rental Market?

In preparation for marketing your property, you need to make sure your property is suitable for a tenant to move into, even if the property has been previously tenanted. This could be as simple as a bit of cleaning and tidying, or to more major works like upgrading the heating system, kitchen or bathroom. We’ll be with you every step of the way through this process, which really is essential, as it will help you secure the highest market rate. This is where you…

Call Us in For a Free Valuation

It’s important to successfully let your property that you know exactly what standards are expected of a landlord and what your obligations are. We’re here to give you honest and straight forward advice so that you can get your property tenanted at the right value. We won’t sugar coat the problems we see and we’ll make you aware of them as soon as we can. A tenant who moves into a fully functional home is a happy tenant that pays rent on time.

Letting Through An Estate Agent

Whilst there is the option to let privately, it comes attached with huge risks. You choose an estate agent not just for our expertise in valuing your home, but for the added value we provide in the process of letting it. Whether you choose to simply let your property through us or go for full management, you can be certain the resources we have access to are the very best available. We provide a detailed vetting process for your prospective tenant which ascertains how likely they are to be able to pay their monthly rental commitments, and obtain references from employers and previous landlords to gauge their character and level of responsibility.


Once you've chosen your estate agent, the marketing process begins. We always make sure the lettings team preview the property prior to viewings, so everyone involved knows exactly what's on offer and can speak to potential tenants with confidence and knowledge. Below is a list of some of the marketing we offer:

  • Digital photographs taken by one of our professional photographers.
  • Floor Plan professionally drawn up.
  • Distinctive Top Move board erected outside your property.
  • Internet marketing through portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and our own bespoke website.
  • Shop window through our window cards
  • Local and national advertising through media outlets.
  • Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Once you are happy with the marketing material and we've gone live with your property, the viewing process can begin. We promise at Top Move to accompany every viewing, unless you prefer to be present yourself, of course.

Inside the property, ensure you tidy up and de-clutter before viewings. If you're on the premises, leave the tenant to wander freely with us and simply make them aware you're available to answer questions if necessary. Make sure you also listen to feedback; we will be honest, so don't take it personally, try to use it as a positive and make changes and adjustments if the same negative feedback continually arises.

Holding Deposit Secured

Usually, within weeks, we will have secured a holding deposit for your property and will begin the vetting process for the tenant. During this stage, we will maintain regular contact with you and make sure to keep you apprised of all developments. We source this procedure out to a regulated third company, but always review their findings to make sure it is accurate to our knowledge. These findings are then passed on to you for your perusal and decision.

Tenancy Agreed

Once you have agreed to rent to our prospective tenant, we will begin the process of moving them in. This will include drafting up the Tenancy Agreement, securing the deposit in a government controlled scheme and performing an inventory of the goods inside, if any, and overall condition of the property and provide them with their copy of the key.

From this point on, we will either relinquish control of the property to yourself or, if you have chosen our full management service, take over the day to day maintenance of the property.

It should be noted that this is meant as a guide only; more detailed information on our services and the benefits of letting with Top Move Estate Agents is available upon request at any time.